Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda is a holistic understanding of being in which balance is sought. Massages are part of his tools, such as lifestyle, nutrition or the practice of Yoga.

Hamsa Yoga Chamonix Mont Blanc

Letting go is to let the breath of life circulate freely” H.

In Ayurveda the massages are adapted to each constitution ( dosha according to the ayurveda ), they are carried out according to the needs of each

  • An Ayurvedic consultation is advised before your massage, to know your constitution or dosha ( 60min 60€ ) and receive advice according to your personal needs.

The Ayurvedic massage tone and relax muscle tissue. Give a beautiful luster and nourish the skin. Improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Soften the spine and joints. Increase disease resistance by improving the immune response. Improve the transmission of nerve impulses and electromagnetic energy flow. Increase concentration and therefore intellectual relevance. Give self-confidence and a better awareness of the body. Regenerate and preserve the qualities of youth. The two most requested massages :

  • ABHYANGA whole body Ayurvedic massage with hot sesame oil ( 60min 80€ ). Balancing. Eliminates physical pain. Boosts skin, muscles, venous, arterial and lymphatic circulations. Calms the nervous system, strengthens the lungs and heart. Improves digestion and helps elimination work. Increases energy, flexibility and physical resistance. Its regular practice improves concentration, intelligence, self-confidence and mobility of body and mind.
  • MARMA TCHIKITSA whole body Ayurvedic massage with hot sesame oil ( 60min 95€ ). A deeper ABHYANGA, with stimulation of MARMAS ( key points ) and CHAKRAS ( energy centers ).

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He is ultimate practical yoga teacher…and a pleasure to know and work with. I also consider Hubert the best masseur in Chamonix, a ski and sports town with a lot of active athletes. I saw him regularly after a knee replacement operation and he was instrumental in the rehabilitation, or as the French would say, the “re-education” of my knee joint, muscles and tendons.

Rob Lilley

Thank you so much and I loved it!!!!
Your massage was the best I ever experienced in my life!
The points you touched felt like doors to my soul and unlocked me besides making me feel so much lighter ^__^

Iolanda Oddo

Merci pour ce massage dont je ressens tous les bénéfices, équilibre et énergie.

Agnès Koenig

I thank Hubert at Sattva Yoga for giving me and many of my friends a whole new experience of getting a treatment/massage. A treatment we all reflexed on from time to time, even 6 month later. It is such a great feeling you get after the treatment and words can not express the good it does for me. Hubert has a very nice way of going about, I always feel relaxed and confident in his work.
With regards to the Yoga practice, I have felt a great calmness in the Shala. Hubert has guided me and given me adjustments that made my knee heal.

Babette Krogh