Coaching is adapted and relevant support in the process of Self-realization.

Hamsa Yoga Chamonix Mont Blanc

Seeing beyond appearances allows you to unleash your unlimited potential” H.

  • Accompaniment on the path to Self-realization. Let go of the illusory identification and awaken to your true nature, allow the essence of life to live freely.

  • Individual or collective personalized coaching to optimize your personal, sports and professional life, develop your physical and mental abilities by rebalancing your life. Become a disciple of yourself, optimize your life.

  • Individual personalized coaching for physical, mental and emotional therapeutic purposes, be aware of your inner operation and harmonize your three planes, physical, mental and energetic.

The tools used by the coach are multiple in order to optimize the results we adapt to your personality and work on all aspects of your life in a holistic vision : 

  • Awakening of consciousness
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activities ( yoga and/or other )
  • Mental activities ( meditation and/or other )
  • The energy consciousness of the breath ( paranayama and/or other )
  • Massage
  • Ayurveda
  • and more…

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