Hatha – Nada Yoga June 11-17, 2022

Hatha & Nada Yoga Retreat

Nada Yoga

Yoga and Nada Yoga, Body and Resonance Stage. To register please check on Hamsa’s Yoga school’s website sattvayogachamonix.com.

In the Indian tradition, meditation, pranayama and asanas are intimately linked to the flow of energy, prena, and vibration, spanda. Through it, it is the access to sound, to resonance. And by the sound to its aesthetic dimension, the music.
This course invites you to understand the physical and subtle dimensions of being by exploring two complementary disciplines: Hatha yoga… and Nada yoga, sound yoga.
Hatha yoga puts the deep being in contact with its physical, energetic and mental envelope. By the presence of breath the being testifies to the different envelopes from coarse to subtle.
The practice of sound yoga highlights the power of sound and music on human beings for a global harmonization of different physical, psychic and subtle levels. It is inspired by the universal tradition.

Haha yoga : anchoring: connection to the earth activating the internal keys, breath : connection with the vibration of life, to the presence activating other internal keys, concentration : work of prolonged concentration activating the liberated consciousness, all put into practice in sitting and posture

Nada yoga : breathing apparatus and subtle energy circulation. OM, bijas mantras, universal mantras. Indian classical music : introduction to dhrupad singing and the raga repertoire.

Chamonix Mont Blanc

Glacier Station Photo
Glacier Station Photo

At the foot of Mont Blanc, an ideal retreat between posture and singing, between breathing and listening. In idyllic conditions of immersion in a simple lodging, suitable for study, the Gare des Glaciers in Chamonix Mont Blanc, breathtaking view a grandiose atmosphere guaranteed.

Hamsa & Reno

Reno Daniaud portrait Chaturangi

Anchored in tradition and teaching for more than 15 years, Hubert and Reno accompany you for a rich and profound week of learning and practice.
Bio Reno
Reno Daniaud is a musician and teacher.
Disciple of Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya and Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar, and in parallel with his work in musical creation, he explores the subtle dimensions of the sound and vibratory universe in the Indian tradition notamment.


Starts June 11 and departure June 17 2022. 
Program of 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon 
Meal: option (recommended) lunch 15 euros (vegan)
Accommodation: Option on site at 200 euros per week, or elsewhere.
Course prices: 600 euros 
Contacts and info here Optional: marma chikitsa or abhyanga massage 
To register go to sattvayogachamonix.com.