Yoga class

In all Yoga classes the practice is shown, explained and adjusted by Hamsa whether online or in the studio.

“The secret lies in a constant practice” H.

1) Studio and Online Group classes

Example of an online intermediate Hatha Yoga course with two introductory Mantras

9 amVinyasa (1:45)Vinyasa (1:45)Ashtanga (1:45)
5 pmKirtan (1h)
Odd week
6 pmHatha (1:30)Kriya (1h)Hatha (1h30)Vinyasa (1:30)Hatha (1:30)
7:30 pm7:10 pm
Yin (1:20)
Group Yoga classes

2) Private Yoga Lesson

Hamsa Yoga Chamonix Mont Blanc
A personalized Yoga lesson in the studio, at home or online

To make an appointment with Hamsa, please click here
( 60 minutes 75 euros up to 2 people in the studio or online, possibility of travel and special conditions ).
You can also organize a group Yoga class if you wish to, click here.

Yoga Asana / Postures

Some Yoga postures to inspire and motivate the students. Here you will find some examples with their respective names. 
Yoga Asana is the outward aspect of the posture carried by the breath and the concentration in the withdrawal of the senses and the observation of Mahabandha.

  • Hamsa Yoga Uddhyana Bandha
  • Hamsa Yoga Eka Pada Sirsasana Chamonix Mont Blanc
  • Hamsa Yoga Kukkutasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Marichyasana D
  • Hamsa Yoga Tittibhasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Hanumanasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Kurmasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Eka Pada Sirsasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Nakrasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Parsva Dandasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Pasasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Urdhva Dhanurasanara
  • Hamsa Yoga Vatayanasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Yoga Dandasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Viswamitrasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Salamba Padma Sirsasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Kapotasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Tittibhasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Natarajasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Vrischikasana
  • Hamsa Yoga Eka Raja Kapotasana